Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews 2018

Whether you own a small business or just want to use it in your home for sous-vide cooking, choosing the proper chamber vacuum sealer can be a hard thing to do. After learning more about the available products on the market you WILL have a better idea what would be the best vacuum sealer based on the features and your needs.

With all of the vacuum packaging machines available today, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to compare and decide between the various models, features, and prices on sealers. Good news for you, we’re here to make this decision as easy as possible for you!

Best home and commercial food chamber vacuum sealers in 2018


VacMaster VP215 – Best Seller

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Designed to provide the utmost bang for its buck, VacMaster VP215 is a perfect medium-class vacuum sealer that is affordable, yet reliable. VP215 vacuum sealer can run continuously and doesn’t need any cool-down time in between bags because of its heavy-duty 1/4 hp oil pump. A perfect machine for catering, small restaurants, culinary institutions, delicatessens, or hunters and fishers, home users.


VacMaster VP112S – Heavy-Duty Chamber

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Redesigned heavy-duty chamber for consistent performance with a 4 mm wide positive seal. Low-profile design hinged lid tucks neatly towards the back of the machine, making this countertop-friendly. Easily adjusting vacuum level and seal time with the enhanced easy-to-use control panel. Advanced chamber vacuum technology. Perfect for home use: food storage, home processing, and sous vide cooking.


VacMaster VP210 – Top Rated Chamber

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

VacMaster VP210 Maintenance-Free chamber has been recognized for its competitive pricing and its fashionable design, at the same time keeping the food fresh up to 5 times longer. One of the best vacuum sealers on the market, being capable to handle the use of a professional kitchen. Perfect for home processors or small restaurants. This food vacuum sealer uses double seal technology to ensure a complete and lasting seal.


PolyScience 300 – For Dry Foods & Liquids

Rating: 3.7 out of 5

This food packaging machine excels at vacuum sealing dry foods and liquids, such as stews and soups. It features a maintenance-free dry piston pump and has 3 preset cycles that can be programmed to provide the exact vacuum levels, vacuum seal times and hold times for meats, fish, and infusions. Space-saving stainless steel housing ensures durability. It eliminates waste, reduces food cost, makes meal preparation much faster.


VacMaster VP320 – Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

VacMaster VP320 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is one of the most reliable commercial vacuum sealers for your business. It features a strong and durable 1.5 HP pump that will meet the demand of medium to high volume commercial operations. The VP320 has one 16″ seal bar positioned in the front of the machine. Adjustable seal timer and vacuum cycle time.


Sammic SV-306T – Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Ideal for medium size restaurants and home owners, Sammic SV-306T vacuum packer offers a higher package processing per hour with higher HG achieved per bag. Heavy duty heat bar, dual seal, that ensures 100% securely sealed metalized pouches. Excellent for Sous Vide cooking. Features a Busch Pump 6m/3h, electronic timer control, cordless sealing bar, retort canning.


UltraSource 225 – Industrial Vacuum Sealer

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Ultravac 225 is one of the best commercial vacuum sealers on the market. Features a powerful 1.25 horsepower vacuum pump and a Pozi Pressure sealing element that seals through folds, wrinkles and contaminants. Ideal for medium to large-sized commercial/industrial processors, grocery stores, and restaurants. 16” seal bar and up to 3 cycles per minute.


UltraSource 500 – Industrial Vacuum Sealer

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Ultravac 500 is the perfect commercial and industrial vacuum sealer if you have a restaurant or large business. It has a powerful, heavy-duty 2 horsepower vacuum pump that can double your package throughput. Two 18” seal bars, one located on either side of the chamber, provide 36” of usable sealing bar length. 12 gauge stainless steel construction.


Name/Image: Brand:Vacuum pump:Sealing type:Seal bar length:Weight (lbs):Ideal for:Rating:




  • VacMaster VP215VacMaster VP215
  • VacMaster VP112SVacMaster VP112S
  • VacMaster VP210VacMaster VP210
  • PolyScience 300PolyScience 300
  • VacMaster VP320VacMaster VP320
  • Sammic SV-306TSammic SV-306T
  • UltraSource Ultravac 225UltraSource Ultravac 225
  • UltraSource Ultravac 500UltraSource Ultravac 500

VacMaster VP215

VacMasterHeavy-duty 1/4 hp oil pumpSingle10”84 Small businesses/restaurants, hunters and fishermen processing game at home, sous vide 5 Star Average Rating view pricefull review

VacMaster VP112S

VacMasterDry maintenance-free 2 cylinder pistonSingle12”46 Home kitchens, hunters and fisherman and sous vide cooking4.5 Star Average Rating view pricefull review

VacMaster VP210

VacMasterMaintenance-free pumpSingle10”72 Home kitchens, small restaurants, recreational hunters and fishermen, cooking sous vide5 Star Average Rating view pricefull review

PolyScience 300

PolyScienceMaintenance-free Dry PistonSingle11.5”50.7 Home use, small business, sous vide, seal liquids4.5 Star Average Rating view pricefull review

VacMaster VP320

VacMasterHeavy-duty 1.5 hp oil pumpDouble16”185 Small to medium processors, supermarkets, restaurants, labs, processing game and catch, sous vide cooking4.5 Star Average Rating view pricefull review

Sammic SV-306T

Sammic6 m³/h Busch pumpSingle12.36”75 Small to medium processors, supermarkets, retort pouches, sous-vide cooking4.5 Star Average Rating view pricefull review

UltraSource Ultravac 225

UltraSourceRugged 1.25-hp pumpSingle16”121Restaurants, industrial processors, supermarkets5 Star Average Rating view pricefull review

UltraSource Ultravac 500

UltraSource2-hp vacuum pumpDouble18"353 Medium to large commercial/industrial processors, grocery stores, restaurants5 Star Average Rating view pricefull review

You can explore more chamber vacuum sealer machines from various brands here.

What is your intent on using a Vacuum Sealer?

Where do you want to use these machines? These are built taking into consideration your needs, so you can use it at your home and choose less expensive machine vs choose a commercial vacuum sealer in case you have a small business:

  • Home Use/Home Processors – Home vacuum sealers are ideal for everyday home use: food storage, home processing and sous vide cooking. These packaging machines features maintenance-free pumps providing excellent vacuuming and sealing power for professional results. It requires however cool-down periods. Here are some of the popular home vacuum sealers: VacMaster DUO 550, VacMaster VP210, VacMaster VP112S, or PolyScience 300 Series.
  • Restaurant/Small Business – Commercial vacuum sealers are able to run continuously to keep up with the high demands of your restaurant or small business. These packaging machines features oil vacuum pump providing powerful, heavy-duty long-lasting vacuuming and sealing power. Sammic commercial chamber vacuum machines for example are equipped with a pump drying program, allowing to know when oil must be replaced. Some of the popular machines are: VacMaster VP215, Sammic SV-310S, UltraSource Ultravac 225.
  • Supermarket/Large Business – Dual seal-bar table top and floor models have the size and power to keep up with the production requirements of professional processing plants. UltraSource Ultravac 500, VacMaster VP321 or Sammic SV-420T are just some of packaging machines that meet these requirements.

3 of Our Favourite Chamber Vacuum Sealer Brands

  1.  VacMaster – They have a full range of vacuum sealers from home use to supermarkets or large business. VP215 from VacMaster for example is the best selling commercial chamber vacuum sealer on the market now.
  2. Sammic – Developed a new line of vacuum packaging machines T-range (time-controlled vacuum) and S-range (sensor-controlled vacuum) for sous vide and food preservation, including container thermo-sealers, immersion circulators or shock freezers. Sammic SV-310S is one of the best selling product on Amazon.
  3. Ultrasource – Is more focused on industrial-grade machines designed for restaurants, supermarkets or food processing plants. The quality of their products is on high standards, featuring machines like Ultravac 250 or Ultravac 225.

How Vacuum Chambers Work?

In about 20 seconds the chamber vacuum machine is able to preserve any type of food, liquids or other stuff easily. After the bag is placed inside the chamber and the lid is closed the sensor will activate and the air is sucked out of the entire chamber, allowing the liquids/food to stay in the bag. After the bag is fully sealed the air is returned into the chamber. The Gas Flushing option will add approximately 5 seconds to the above time. Compared with regular vacuum machines  where the level of vacuum is 24-26 hg, chamber vacuum sealers are able to obtain a 27-29 hg level of vacuum.

Advantages of Using a Chamber Vacuum Machine

Chamber vacuum machines are able to reduce the oxygen level until 0.02 % and increase the shelf life by at least 30%. The oxygen allows the growth of bacteria on the foods, decreasing the shelf life. Therefore the oxygen level needs to be reduced to the necessary 0.05% and vacuum chamber sealers do a great job. For example beef can last up to six weeks refrigerated and much more frozen.

In addition to sous vide cooking, chamber vacuum sealer machines give you the possibility to remove air from liquids by pumping out all the air in the chamber at one time in all directions.

On the vacuum chamber sealer the pressure changes on the inside and outside of the bag at the same time, compared with a nozzle sealer or a regular sealer, where the vacuum creation is not that efficient. If you ever get a chance to talk to someone who owns a vacuum chamber, ask them how they like it. Vacuum chambers have a considerable amount of advantages including:

Preserving the shelf-life of virtually anything

  • Un-cooked meats
  • Cooked meats
  • Dry Foods
  • Liquids and liquid-rich foods
  • Fish and any type of food

Where to Buy a Vacuum Chamber

According to various customers, Amazon has the lowest prices and among other advantages like customer reviews, it has free shipping. If you want to find more information about where to buy the best rated machines, new or used ones, visit our dedicated page.

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